Saturday, November 8, 2014

October Madness; Part 2

Onward to part 2 of my insanely busy October!

Breast Cancer Walk

October, as everyone knows, was Breast Cancer Awareness month and it was once again an honor for me to take part in the annual Staten Island Breast Cancer Walk. Veeerrrry early in the morning on October 19th, I made may way to Clove Lakes Park armed with my Dunkin’ coffee and wearing my pink scarf and gloves for support.
When I arrived I made my way through the thousands of people already assembled to find my teen, Alexa. As is always the case, I stopped to speak with many old friends. One thing I have learned being a titleholder is that the people who support causes on Staten Island are supporters for much more than one cause. I even made a new furry friend who I think was more interested in my scarf than anything else!
The day was beginning to warm up as the festivities officially begun. Dancers entertained and the always charismatic Alex Coladonato of E-Squared Productions emceed. I was inspired by the hundreds of breast cancer survivors who gave hope that in the future we will be able to eradicate this disease for good. One of the survivors spoke to the crowd and I was genuinely moved by her words of determination and encouragement.
As the walk began, I found our current Miss NY Executive Director Deb Cantoni, her daughter Kaitlyn, and my friend & current Miss NY Jillian Tapper in the crowd. We all spent some time greeting walkers and taking pictures.
Thank you to everyone who came out to help raise awareness. It is my hope that one day there will not be a need for walks such as these and I know that with more research that day will become a reality.

Late Night With Johnny P.

Last April, while taping the Al Lambert Show at CTV, I met the very charismatic and energetic Johnny Potenza (Johnny P.), who was a fellow guest. We chatted for a while and I learned that he also had a talk show. He invited me to be a guest on his show later in the year. On October 23rd, I journeyed back to CTV to film the Late Night With Johnny P. Christmas Show…yes…CHRISTMAS Show.
Gina Billera,  Johnny's producer and all around righthand person, greeted me. Gina happens to be hysterically funny and made me feel right at home. Of course, I was ecstatic when food was served…YUM! After we ate, I chatted with the other guests, Aldo Marachlian (comedian), Thomas G. Waites (actor), and Soave (freestyle artist), in the green room while my parents joined the audience.
When it was my turn to go on, we chatted about the Miss America Organization and my experiences as a titleholder. I was also asked some pretty random questions by Soave -- who acted as co-host --  like: "How do you 'marinate', or get ready for appearances?" I have to say, I had to call on all of my "onstage question skills" for that one! 
The night ended with a cake to celebrate Johnny's birthday and mine since it happened to be the very next day! Thanks so much, Johnny, for having me as your guest. I had a blast celebrating Christmas in October with you! Look for the show to air on CTV sometime in December.

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